As the premier destination for sports and entertainment, Hollywood Park and SoFi Stadium are dedicated to providing the highest quality of accessible services for all patrons. We welcome Guests of all abilities to utilize our services.

Accessible Assistance

For assistance while on-site during an event, you may text (424) 541-9222 with a brief description of the assistance needed or visit a Guest Services Center. This service is only available on event days during the hours of operation. On non-event days, you can call 424-541-9100 between the hours of 11:00 am - 4:00 pm or email Guest Services.

Accessible Ticket Purchase Assistance

SoFi Stadium provides wheelchair and companion seating with enhanced sight lines on every level of the stadium and at all price points. For most events, accessible seating options can be purchased directly through by toggling the “show accessible tickets” button under the filter tool. A person with a disability or a third party buying on his/her/their behalf can purchase as many tickets as allowed within the event ticket limit.

We have a very limited number of accessible seats available on the day of the game or event so please purchase accessible seating when you order tickets. All tickets for accessible seating are subject to availability and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Note: Season ticket sales for SoFi Stadium accessible seating areas go on sale at the same time as season ticket sales for customers without disabilities and in a manner which affords full and equal accessibility to wheelchair users and their companions. Guests requiring accessible seating and their companions shall be afforded a choice of seating locations dispersed from among all the wheelchair/companion stadium locations.

Accessible Companion Seating Tickets

A person with a disability or a third party buying on his/her/their behalf can purchase as many tickets as allowed within the event ticket limit. Only one (1) seat must be immediately adjacent to the wheelchair space. If additional companion seats are not available in an adjacent manner, they will be in a nearby location.

Accessible and Companion Seating Relocations

Guests with valid tickets for events at SoFi Stadium may visit any Guest Services Center to inquire about an accessibility relocation seat. Please be advised that such exchanges and relocations are very limited and subject to seat availability. Accessible relocations are accommodated on a first-come, first-serve basis with a maximum of (1) accessible ticket and (1) companion ticket.

We are unable to relocate accessible guests in advance of the event. You must be relocated to any available seats by Guest Services as these seats are also sold online to our Accessibility guests and may be occupied.

Please note: SoFi Stadium reserves the right to take appropriate action including, but not limited to, relocation, ejection, and season ticket revocation for wheelchair/companion ticket fraud. Wheelchair and companion ticket fraud includes, but is not limited to, misrepresentation of a disability for the purpose of obtaining wheelchair and companion seating.

Accessible Device Storage

If needed, you can store your mobility device with any Guest Services Center located throughout the stadium. Our teammates will store your device safely and hold it until you are ready to retrieve it after the event.

Accessible Parking

Visit our Accessible Parking page for more information. 

Assistive Listening Devices

SoFi Stadium offers an advanced assistive listening system (ALS) for use at all ticketed events. Please visit a Guest Services Center throughout the Stadium.

Please note: There is no cost to rent an ALD, however, a driver’s license or another valid form of identification will be required as a deposit.


Open captioning can be viewed on lower digital ribbon boards located in each corner of SoFi Stadium.

Open captioning is available during NFL games only and can be viewed on each lower corner display ribbon in the stadium. Closed Captioning on your smart mobile device is available via scanning a QR code at Guest Service Centers.


The location and number of elevators in service may vary per event.

Rams/Chargers: The 4 (four) service elevators located in the Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest are designated as priority use for Guests with limited mobility. However, all elevators may be used by limited mobility Guests.

Please note: Usage is restricted to the guest with a disability and three (3) companions, however, SoFi Stadium reserves the right to limit usage to the guest with a disability and one (1) companion at peak times (45 minutes prior to event start or post-event) to improve ride efficiency).


Each entry offers an accessible path. During NFL games, General admission Guests will enter from the North or South depending on their seating location. VIP or Premium Guests will enter from any Entry and will be directed to the closest entrance for their seat location. For all other events, each entry offers an accessible path.

First Aid

Guests in need of first aid assistance should immediately contact the nearest Guest Experience Representative or Guest Services Center. EMT’s are available on site to respond to medical emergencies.

Guest Services Centers

Guest Services Centers are located throughout the concourses at the stadium. These locations offer assistance with wayfinding, accessibility seat relocations, renting assistive listening devices and sensory bags, sensory room use, and assisting with any inquiries.

Interpreter Services

American Sign Language interpreting services are available for concerts upon request. Please reach out to the Guest Experience Team by emailing Guest Services at least 2 weeks in advance once you have purchased tickets to the concert.


All restrooms are accessible for any Guest. Family restrooms are also provided for Guests on every level.

Sensory Rooms and Toolkits

SoFi Stadium has two (2) sensory rooms located on Level 3 Northeast and Level 2 Southwest. Sensory rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis in 15-minute increments. Please visit a Guest Services Center for more information.

Sensory kits with noise reducing headphones and other sensory items are available at Guest Services Centers throughout the stadium.

Please note: There is no cost to rent a sensory kit, however, a driver’s license or another valid form of identification will be required as a deposit.

Service Animals

SoFi Stadium welcomes service animals (dogs or mini-horses) assisting guests with disabilities to the stadium. We encourage guests requiring service animals to contact us as early as possible for potential seating relocation purposes. Contact Guest Services for more information.

Wheelchair Assistance

Mobility Ambassadors can arrange for a wheelchair escort from the entries to your seats. While all entries are accessible and you can request a wheelchair from any team member, there are accessibility podiums with waiting chairs located inside Entry 4, 8, and 10. Please note that our ambassadors are not able to bring wheelchairs out to the parking lots. We are also unable to loan out wheelchairs during the event. Our mobility ambassadors can arrange for a return trip back to the entrance from your seats at the conclusion of the event. Our elevators and escalators reach every single level of the stadium.

Wheelchair Lifts

  • One (1) lift is located on the West side of the building and allows access between event level (Level 1) to the field club ADA pad on executive level (Level 2).
  • A second lift located on the East side also allows access between event level (Level 1) to the field club ADA pad on executive level (Level 2).
  • A third lift is located south and gives access between the event level (Level 1) to the super general admission ADA pad located on the executive level (Level 2).

For additional assistance please contact us. Email Guest Services, fill out our Guest Services form, or call 424-541-9100.