How do I buy Chargers seats?

Please visit the Chargers seating website to learn more about Chargers seating options and SoFi Stadium. Then click “Book Appointment” at the top right of the page to schedule a phone call or book an online appointment to review Chargers seating options with a sales consultant. For more information on mobile ticket policies and purchasing Chargers single game tickets, please visit their ticketing webpage.

How do I buy Rams seats?

Please visit the Rams seating Rams seating website to learn more about Rams seating opportunities and SoFi Stadium. Then click “Book Appointment” at the top right of the page to schedule a phone call or book an online appointment to review Rams seating options with a sales consultant. For more information on mobile ticket policies and purchasing Rams single game tickets, please visit their ticketing webpage.

Can I get a tour of SoFi Stadium?

Yes! We are now offering Stadium Tours to the public. Please visit our Tours page for more details and to purchase tickets. We look forward to seeing you on a tour!

Where can I park at SoFi Stadium?

Parking prices will vary based on the event. Please visit our Parking and Transportation page for more information or purchase parking for your event. Please plan to arrive EARLY to your event at SoFi Stadium.

How do I access my mobile tickets for a SoFi Stadium event?

Please visit our mobile ticketing page for more information.

Does SoFi Stadium have a seat license program (SSL)?

Every seat in SoFi Stadium will have a seat license for both the Rams and the Chargers. Pricing for the SSLs is based on location and amenities, and there are seat opportunities and price points for just about every LA sports fan. Please review the information regarding “What is an SSL” on the Rams seating website or the Chargers seating website to learn about the SSL program or to speak to a SoFi stadium consultant.

When will the Hollywood Park district be completed?

For information on Hollywood Park's retail and residential district, please visit

How do I inquire about retail, residential or commercial opportunities at the district located at Hollywood Park?

To learn more about the entire district and to inquire about other verticals of the project, please visit and fill out an inquiry with any questions you may have.

Can I bring my baby or child to the event/game?

All guests three (3) years of age and older must have a ticket in order to attend NFL games. All guests two (2) years of age and older must have a ticket for non NFL events. During non NFL events, the child ticketing policy will be determined by the event.

Can I bring in food or drink into the stadium?

Outside beverages are not permitted inside SoFi Stadium except one (1) factory-sealed 20 oz. or less water bottle, soft-sided single juice or milk containers, or medically required liquids in a sealed container. Please visit our Dining Guide page for more information on food and beverage options in the stadium.

Can I bring my water bottle?

One (1) factory-sealed water bottle, 20 oz. or less are permitted, per person. Clear, non-metal or soft sided empty reusable water bottles are permitted for use at our hydration stations located throughout SoFi Stadium.

Are hydration stations available?

Hydration stations can be found at the following locations within SoFi Stadium:

• Google Cloud Club & Suites: Ticketmaster VIP Lobby, Pechanga Resort Casino VIP Lobby, SoFi VIP Lobby, American Airlines VIP Lobby
• Level 3: Across from Section 201, across from Sections 212 and 213
• Level 4: Across from Perch suite entrances, across from suite 4W-16, across from suite 4E-4, Sawtelle Blvd concession stand in SoFi Circle
• Level 6: Across from Section 304, across from Section 315, across from Section 329, across from Section 341
• Level 8: Across from Sections 409 and 410, across from Section 421, Cedars-Sinai Zone, across from Section 438, across from Section 453

Will there be food or drink to purchase at the stadium?

Yes, food and beverage options are available for purchase in all areas/sections throughout the stadium. All food and beverage will be served in accordance with Los Angeles County Department of Health guidelines. Please visit our Dining Guide page for more information on food and beverage options in the stadium.



How do I get to SoFi Stadium?

Visit our parking and transportation page for more info on directions, parking, public transit and rideshare information.

How do I pre purchase parking?

We highly encourage purchasing parking in advance, before arriving at SoFi Stadium.

What do I need to know when I purchase my parking pass?

After purchase, you should receive an email from “” with your parking pass and other applicable information.

Your parking pass is assigned to the designated Parking Zone for your event and will allow you admittance into a parking lot within such Parking Zone.

Read all information within your parking pass for the most up-to-date rules and regulations for parking at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park.

Please have parking passes displayed on your mobile device and ready to be shown upon arrival.

Upon entry into the parking gates, parking staff will scan the parking pass barcode to confirm validity of the parking pass.

If you shared your parking pass with a friend or acquaintance, the first parking pass scanned will be allowed entry into the parking lots; any subsequent duplicate pass will be turned away.

It is imperative that you follow navigational information for the Parking Zone you have been assigned, as parking passes have specific gate assignments. For example, a Green Zone parking pass cannot access the Orange Zone parking gate.

How early can I park?

Parking Zones will typically open between 2 to 4 hours prior to the event. Please refer to your event parking pass for the event-specific parking hours.

How long will parking lots remain open?

All parking lots within SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park will typically close one hour after the end of the event. Please refer to your event parking pass for the event-specific parking hours.

Am I guaranteed a parking space if I book my parking pass? Can I choose my parking space?

Yes, you will be guaranteed a parking space within the assigned Parking Zone. You cannot reserve a parking space, but you are guaranteed a space within the Parking Zone where you purchased parking.

Is ADA parking available?

All parking zones have ADA parking stalls within each parking lot available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Vehicles parked in ADA parking stalls must follow all regulations as specified within the California Vehicle Code. Vehicles parking in an ADA parking stall must display a valid ADA placard and must possess a valid parking pass.

Vehicles not abiding by the posted regulations are subject to tow at the owner’s expense.

If you have questions about ADA accommodations, please contact us and a dedicated team member will contact you back within 48 hours.

For ADA drop-off and pick-up, please use the Orange Parking Zone entry and follow staff directions.

Is offsite parking available?

The City of Inglewood launched Inglewood Park & Go to offer multiple remote parking locations and shuttle services to help guests park and get to SoFi Stadium quickly. Inglewood Park & Go offers a convenient, affordable and safe parking option where you can find, reserve, and pay for parking spaces in advance of attending games, concerts and other events at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park. Fans and event attendees can board a shuttle bus that will take them to the City of Inglewood’s Intermodal Transit Facility (conveniently located next to SoFi Stadium) and back. Visit Inglewood Park & Go to view parking locations and book your parking and shuttle passes. Advance booking is highly encouraged. Drive-up and walk-up rates will be more expensive.


Is there any street parking available?

There is no street parking available for events within Hollywood Park. Additionally, there is no event parking permitted in any residential neighborhoods throughout the City of Inglewood.

Where is rideshare drop off and pick up at the stadium?

Please visit our rideshare page for more information. 

What time do I have to arrive? Are there different arrival times?

SoFi Stadium recommends arriving with ample time prior to event start time. Please check your ticket information to view the entry opening times.

Is tailgating allowed?

SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park recognize that tailgating is an important aspect of the game day experience. As such, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park have developed the following tailgating rules and regulations with the primary goal of establishing a safe and secure tailgating experience. Please note that tailgating will only be permitted for select events at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park.

The below rules and regulations are strictly enforced.

• Tailgating will only be allowed in designated parking lots and other areas for ticketed guests who have purchased a tailgating pass (“Tailgating Areas”). Please consult with your Ticketing Representative for more information on currently designated Tailgating Areas. Tailgating will only be permitted in the Pink Parking Zone for select events.
• The designated tailgating parking lots will have 9ft by 18ft parking spaces. Within the tailgating parking lots, the drive aisles will be 24ft wide. Management will designate a 12ft fire lane within the 24ft drive aisle in which guests will not be able to encroach as part of tailgating. Tailgating will only be allowed directly behind the vehicle up to the fire lane demarcation. Please refer to the diagram here for illustration purposes.
• All vehicles will be required to park in the 9ft by 18ft parking space.
• Guests will not be allowed to purchase additional spaces to expand the tailgating footprint.
• One Parking Permit per person, per vehicle.
• Guests may not purchase multiple Parking Permits to expand their tailgating footprint. Parking Permit(s) cannot be purchased for the sole purpose of having a space for tenting, tables, grills, and other tailgating activities separate from parking.
• In no event shall tailgating be permitted any closer than 100 feet from the nearest single-family residential use.
• All fire lanes and drive aisles must always remain clear and unobstructed. Vehicle tailgates should not interfere with the flow of traffic. Fire lanes must be kept clear of tailgating equipment so emergency response vehicles and personnel may park or pass through. If guests need assistance or observe a potential problem, they may flag down a uniformed patrol person, contact the emergency response hotline at (424)- 541-7222, or call 911. Personnel assigned to monitor the Tailgating Areas shall be trained in basic first aid techniques for minor injuries but should not be relied upon as a substitute for contacting an emergency responder.
• The designated Tailgating Areas will open four (4) hours prior to kick off.
• Tailgating will not be allowed in any other Stadium parking lot or public area.
• Tailgating activities will cease at kick off.
• Tailgating in Electric Vehicle marked parking stalls is not permitted.
• Overnight parking or storage of equipment by guests in tailgating areas is not permitted. Any vehicles left overnight will be towed at the owner's expense.
• All vehicles must follow parking staff instructions at all times. Failure to abide by parking staff instructions will result in immediate ejection from the premises and revocation of all future parking passes and season tickets without reimbursement.
• Parking staff will be line-parking all vehicles. Guests are required to follow the direction of parking staff and park as directed. No exceptions!
• There is no reserved parking. Guests that wish to park next to a family member or friend must arrive at the parking gate and lot at the same time, and both vehicles must have the approved tailgating parking pass for the designated tailgating parking lot(s). Access to Tailgating Areas, including parking lots, shall be first come-first served. “In and out” privileges will not be granted for vehicles, and no saving of parking spaces by guests for other guests shall be permitted.
• The use of tents is allowed but must not encroach into the demarcated fire lane. No stakes (e.g., tent poles) may be driven into the ground without prior permission.
• Oversized vehicles (defined as exceeding a size of 9 feet by 18 feet) are not allowed unless an oversize tailgating parking pass was purchased.
• Sidewalk and pedestrian walkways must be clear and unobstructed at all times.
• Only natural gas or propane grills are allowed. Charcoal grills, wood stoves, oil fryers, open pit fires, and/or other cooking stations will NOT be allowed.
• Glass containers are not permitted. All drinks shall be placed in plastic or other non-breakable cups or cans.
• Unauthorized sale of food or beverage items is prohibited. Fans are limited to bringing and preparing food for their family and friends only. Private catering companies that have not been provided written authorization by Management are strictly prohibited.
• Small portable electric generators (600W or less) are permitted. Electrical cords cannot be placed across parking areas/drive aisles or in areas that would create a hazard for any guests.
• Non-licensed motorized vehicles are prohibited within the designated tailgating parking lot(s), including without limitation golf carts, Segway’s, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, and hoverboards.
• Radio-controlled model aircraft, unmanned aircraft systems, drones, and other similar devices are prohibited. Possession or operation of such devices will result in immediate ejection from the area, in addition to confiscation of such devices by Management, Stadium security and law enforcement.
• Portable Public address systems are not permitted: Amplified sound systems cannot be used at excessive volumes or playing music not suitable for a public setting.
• Advertising or commercial activities are not permitted. Vehicles with exterior advertisement (i.e. wraps) are not allowed in the designated tailgating parking lots even with a valid tailgating parking pass. Hanging or displaying commercial advertisements on vehicles or tents or by any other means possible is not permitted. Signage with a commercial name or logo is not allowed in the Tailgating Areas.
• Selling of items or soliciting of any promotional or marketing activities by third parties that have not been provided written authorization by Management are strictly prohibited.
• Tailgating Areas should be kept in a neat and orderly condition, and all trash must be disposed of in proper receptacles. Personnel shall monitor trash receptacles to avoid overflowing containers. Groups are responsible for returning their area back to its original state before entering the game. Trash bags shall not be allowed to simply be left beside a car or otherwise outside of a trash receptacle within the Tailgate Area. Liquids other than water should not be poured out onto the ground. Recycling and reusable containers are strongly encouraged, and recycling receptacles shall be provided for such purpose.
• Disorderly conduct is not permitted.
• Picketing, political campaigning, signature gathering, or soliciting or distribution of any kind, including promotional marketing, is not permitted.
• Weapons or firearms are strictly prohibited. The foregoing prohibition extends to both real weapons and fake weapons, such as toy guns, swords, knives, hatchets, or bombs that might be part of a costume.
• The Stadium or its agents shall not be responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss of/to vehicle or any other article left in Stadium-affiliated parking lots. Vehicles are parked at owners’ risk!
• Tailgating staging/queuing is not allowed at The Market Place adjacent to SoFi Stadium. Be advised that The Market Place is private property and vehicles violating parking regulations are subject to towing at the vehicle owner's expense.



Can I sell or transfer my ticket?

Yes, your ticket can be transferred in the SoFi Stadium app or on For stadium tours only, your ticket can be transferred by visiting

Is there a way to print my ticket?

No, all tickets for events at SoFi Stadium are mobile-only. For info. on accessing your mobile ticket, please visit our SoFi Stadium app page.

Can I return my tickets or exchange my tickets for another event?

No, all ticket sales are final.

What are your box office hours?

Please view our ticket box office page for more information.

What do I need to show at entry?

You will need your ticket barcode, available in the SoFi Stadium app or through We strongly recommend using the digital wallet app or your mobile device to store the ticket before arriving at SoFi Stadium. Printed barcode copies are not permitted and will not be valid for entry.